Enduro Motorbike Tours

Manolo Barnes and Kari Tiainen will run enduro motorbike tours. Below you can find a few of our tours. Contact us for special customized tours!

Winter 2016-17


Spanish tour price list

Spain - Montes de Malaga 3 days

Spain - Lorca <> Fuengirola 3 days.

Spain - Photos


Agadir Enduro Holiday

Sahara Enduro Adventure

Morocco - Photos

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Winter 2016 -17 Enduro Motorbike tours in Spain and in Morocco
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Kari Tiainen bought the North of Finland's leading motorbike, ATV, snowmobile and boat shop, Motorman Ltd
Exdreames continue in Fuengirola, but the family's new address is found from Oulu. We will continue in this vein, but in addition to that will, of course, motocross and enduro full extent. The plan is to expand the range of services providing riding training and events for all areas. There will top riders visiting in Oulu, promised Kari

Exdreames S. L. will continue to provide high-quality enduro tours in Spain , Morocco and Finland Jämsä in the summer , and now also in the Oulu region . Motorman Ltd will provide services to motorists in Oulu and in Finland.

Motorman Ltd has a full service house . The selection includes motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and mopeds , as well as boats and outboard engines and their spare parts, accessories , riding gear , and maintenance and storage facilities. Motorman is the official importers ( Harley-Davidson , Triumph, Honda, Kawasaki, Aprilia , Polaris , and Silver , Terhi , Honda Marine , Bella , Flipper , Aquador and Mercury ), authorized by the business , in addition to offers a full range of used equipment exchange .